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Today our SaaS marketing spotlight is shining on Textio Hire. Textio is an augmented writing tool that helps companies write job ads that attract diverse applicants. Businesses post job ads every day, but many don’t realize the language they use can impact the applicants they get. Textio Hire integrates with hiring tools like Gmail, Outlook, and LinkedIn Recruiter, offering language suggestions, a gender bias indicator, and an analysis of competing job ads’ chances of success.

A Beautiful Intro

The very first thing you see on Textio’s homepage is a high quality introductory video. It flawlessly combines brand creativity and the product’s use case. The first impression is clear – this product is a language tool that makes it easy for companies to say what they mean. The video is polished, quick-to-load, and customized for the brand. It makes the perfect introduction that communicates quality, care, and the solution Textio provides.

Easy on the Eyes

The homepage isn’t the only place you’ll find quality imagery. The Textio feature pages also include either a short video demo or images of what you’ll find in the app. Potential customers know exactly what to expect because the features and benefits are clear.

The overall design of the website has plenty of white space that centers visitors’ eyes on the most important content on a SaaS website – feature descriptions. Focusing on the solution that a SaaS produt provides is key to getting sales.

Easy-to-Understand Features

Textio excels at one of the most important aspects of SaaS marketing – the features. They’re clearly visible on the website and each feature has its own page that describes its benefits. On top of that, each feature page links to all of the other feature pages. These design decisions make navigation and understanding the product easy for a potential buyer.

Bonus Content and Offers

Textio developed a blog and free guidebooks that provide interesting, relevant, and educational content for potential buyers. This doubles as inbound marketing and customer success material. Textio also offers a hiring language report for companies to check how their language affects their job applications.

If you’re looking for a good SaaS marketing playbook, Textio is a great example. Beautiful descriptive imagery, a website that’s easy to navigate, and content made for buyers. It’s easy to see how they’ve landed major players for their user base. Textio solves a real problem and looks great doing it.

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