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Putting proposals together is an integral part of B2B transactions. But they’re painfully difficult to scale because they need to be customized for every single deal we make.

Enter: Propfire.

Propfire helps you put together proposals in record time by saving reusable “Content Snippets” for each service you provide and letting you add them à la carte to a customized proposal with a few simple clicks. It erases the need for all of the most tedious parts of proposal writing: formatting, typing out the project scope, listing pricing options, and even the signature section.

You can edit snippets or make new ones at any time and add them to a category for easy organization and quick clicking. Company settings make branding your proposals a non-issue, and contact information and even your signature are included with the simple click of a button.

Propfire saves all of your proposals in-app for easy reference and even lets you duplicate them to make creating your next ones a breeze. Need to update a proposal? No problem – just open it up and edit the text with a few simple clicks.

Propfire is accessible for businesses small and large – plans start at $8/month and even the most expensive plan is less than $30/month. And you can save by going with an annual subscription. Even better, every single plan comes with email and chat support, so no matter what plan you choose, the Propfire team is there to help you succeed.

If writing proposals is holding you back from your more important work, Propfire is the way to go. It makes creating proposals a dream, speeding up the sales process and saving you hours of time.


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