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So some of your users deactivated their accounts, it happens. There are tons of reasons why users disengage from SaaS products – unmet expectations, financial reasons, or simply just a bad fit. But all hope isn’t lost! Churned users don’t have to disappear forever, and there’s a few ways to win them back.

Listen to Feedback from Churned Users

Churned users are way better than any focus group – they have hands-on experience with real-world use cases and they’re less likely to just tell you what you want to hear. The best way to understand why your users are leaving is to listen to feedback. It will almost always show up in customer service conversations, but you can also get information with an exit survey when users deactivate.

But getting the information isn’t enough. You need to act on the feedback you get and make customer-focused improvements. Add common customer complaints to your priority list and add the feature or fix the bug. Prioritize customer issues by the complaint volume or issue urgency.

Impress the Industry

Word-of-mouth is a well-known method for getting referrals, and they don’t just work on new users. If your product starts gaining traction in general (or even better, in specific niches), your churned users will keep hearing about it.

At some point your churned users are going to end up in conversations about your SaaS product. They might tell others to avoid it if they had a really bad experience, but they might also hear things are on the upswing. If you have loyal users in their industry, they might convince an old user to come back and try again.

Update Publicly

Make it clear that you’re improving, and churned users might come back to see if your SaaS product is the right move now. Share the news about new features on your website or blog and all over social media. Go even harder and share on Reddit, Medium, Hacker News, or Hacker Noon.

If you’re making improvements based on customer feedback, there’s a good chance you’ll fix the exact problems your deactivated users had. If they hear that it’s fixed, they have a good reason to come back and take a look. The louder you shout the news about your improvements, the more churned users will hear it.

Return Discounts

Leave the light on for your old users – offer them a reward if they come back within the next few months, or even a year. Let them opt-in to a list that allows them to sign up again within a certain time period for a discounted rate. Or offer a special referral system for previous users to see if they’ll still spread the word about your SaaS. You can even let your salespeople reserve special deals for deactivated contracts.

High churn is a sign of a poor user experience in one way or another – it could be poor onboarding, difficult processes, or misleading sales or marketing. The only way to reduce your churn is to figure out what’s causing the problems and fix it. Free trials and onboarding tutorials are great places to start, but customer-centered improvements will address problems head-on.

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