Facebook Ads are the perfect way to drive installs for B2C apps and games – there’s a huge available audience and targeting can be highly detailed. This campaign included multiple games on the app store and the goal was to drive downloads for under $1.50.

We built lookalike audiences in the US (between 1% and 5%) based on app activity and tested multiple creatives against them on Facebook and Instagram. Checking daily, we scaled the highest performing ads as quickly as possible for maximum growth, then steadied the budget once we found consistently high performing ads.

With $70,000 in spend, we reached 1.5 million people between April and July of 2017. We drove over 56,000 app installs in that period with an average cost per install of $1.27.  Compared to the average cost per install of $1.80, we came in almost 30% cheaper.


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